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Magin Perez Ortiz (b. Havana, September 28, 1960) graduated from the San Alejandro Academy, Havana, in 1982, and graduated from the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, in 1987. In his paintings an installations, the antagonisms between the author's subjectivity and the social forces that condition him take the form of a self-referential review that, not only functions as a reflection of his personal identity, but also as an allegory (or "model") of the Status Quo, with its exchange of powers and its complex levels of organization and social stratification. Magín Pérez creates scenarios of symbolic occurrences that can take the form of a surreal space in conflict --a chessboard, as happens in his paintings-- or a monumental building (a piece of engineering) whose stability and balance seem to defy unpredictability, of the chaotic, surpassing the ephemeral nature of life.

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