CLM 73rd Annual Member's Exhibition

A project of the Ceramic League of Miami with the Fine Arts Ceramic Center


February 20, 2023

The Fine Arts Ceramic Center and the Ceramic League of Miami have joined forces to promote appreciation for ceramic arts and educate their members and the general public on all aspects of this unique art form. In collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall, the Ceramic League of Miami presented its annual exhibition, which included a featured presentation by master ceramicist Tom Coleman. This renowned creator delivered a keynote lecture on his work and inspiring creative experiences. A significant group of ceramic artists showcased their latest creations and enjoyed hours of exchange with fellow guests.

The Fine Arts Ceramic Center, affiliated with MoCA-Americas, was created during the pandemic to promote the use of ceramic techniques among Cuban artists belonging to the Rodriguez Collection. Collection owner Leonardo Rodriguez convened a group of artists to work on ceramic plates with the goal of holding a first collective exhibition to revitalize the art and cultural scene in the midst of the crisis caused by the COVID virus.

The Ceramic League of Miami has been the leading organization for artists working in Miami-Dade County for seven decades. It began in 1950 with a group composed mainly of women working from their homes and has grown steadily over time to become an institution capable of organizing exhibitions nationwide, partnering with similar organizations across the country, organizing street fairs, and working with public schools to create exchange and teaching programs. The league has its own school offering many specialized firings that are not available elsewhere in the community. The Ceramic League of Miami has literally served generations of Miami residents. Students who started here in high school still practice and hone their skills in retirement. Their Members' Exhibition is their main tradition, and with it, they honor and celebrate their community.

The opening of their 73rd annual exhibition was held last Friday at 7:00 pm and drew a considerable number of members. Their works were exhibited and submitted for consideration by specialists and the general public. The main attraction of the evening was the keynote lecture by ceramic artist and exhibition juror Tom Coleman, who was trained as a ceramicist at the Northwest College of Art Reed College. His pots are as functional as they are expressive, and his training in the Japanese tradition has led him to focus on the beauty, symmetry, and balance of form.

The Ceramic League of Miami and the Fine Arts Ceramic Center, affiliated with MoCA-Americas, believe that access to artistic expression through ceramics should be available to all regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ability. They aim to empower marginalized groups to take part in their programs and become active members to contribute to presenting ceramic art to their communities. Both institutions are committed to creating an environment free from any form of discrimination. The CLM and FACC look to benefit from the varied ideas, world views, and personal experiences that are represented, particularly in the South Florida community.

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