With three gallery spaces tailored for public art, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas stands as the inaugural venue designed for showcasing contemporary art in the Kendall region.Through its lively programming and rotating exhibitions, the Museum bridges the gap between the community and artists hailing from all corners of the globe. It nurtures emerging artists, encourages established ones to explore new horizons, and demonstrates Kendall's aspirations to establish itself as a key player in the South Florida and wider American contemporary art scene.

The Museum's exhibition program presents solo and group shows by local, national, and international artists, prioritizing originality and striving to showcase works from a diverse array of creators. Its goal is to bring innovative contemporary art that transcends borders to South Florida and beyond, connecting communities and broadening horizons.Exhibitions are organized by Jorge Rodríguez (R10), the Museum's director and Chief Curator, and by guest curators from all visual arts. Each one runs for an average of 45 days, with shorter exhibitions of seven to fifteen days being planned in cases where certain works cannot be displayed for the usual period of time.

The "Pop Up Shows" or ephemeral exhibitions are conceived as part of a specific line of projects aimed at presenting as many local artists as possible to the community and offering them exhibition spaces throughout the regular season.

Unlikely Assemblages

The participation of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall at the 57th annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference at Annex Gallery in Cincinnati

Curated by Jens G. Rozenkranzt Jr. and MoCAA Team

March 15th - April 29th | 2023

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas and the Fine Arts Ceramic Center presented their exhibition "Unlikely Assemblages" as part of the 57th Annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference, which took place from March 15th to 18th, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The Annex Gallery, located next to the Pendelton Art Center and directed by photographer and cultural promoter Jens G. Rosenkrantz, hosted the exhibition, which will run until April 29th, 2023.

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Past Exhibitions

February 20, 2023

Artist set the Table

A ceramic plate exhibit from the Fine Art Center in the context of the Art in the Garden event

Curated by

by R10

A ceramic plate exhibit from the Fine Art Center, connected to the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Americas in Kendall, was on display at Pinecrest Gardens, Florida, in the historic Parrot Jungle district. Registered as a Historic District since October 17, 2011, the exhibit featured 108 plates crafted by distinguished Cuban artists like José Bedia, Lia Galleti, Ciro Quintana, Néstor Arenas, and Aymée García. Created in the museum's workshop, these plates were carefully curated by Carola Bravo from the hARTtvest project. Each unique piece invites viewers to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and creativity of Cuban art.

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February 24th - March 3th, 2023

CLM 73rd Annual Member's Exhibition

A project of the Ceramic League of Miami with the Fine Arts Ceramic Center.

Curated by


The Fine Art Ceramic Center and Miami Ceramic League are teaming up to promote and educate the public on ceramic arts. The Miami Ceramic League recently hosted an annual exhibition in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas, featuring renowned ceramicist Tom Coleman as the keynote speaker. The event provided a platform for artists to showcase their latest creations and network with fellow creators for several hours. The evening was filled with creative and motivational experiences, and attendees gained a deeper appreciation for this unique art form.

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Nov 2022 | Jan 2023

Ceramics Omnipresence Matter

"Ceramics: Omnipresence Matter" is organized, encompassing the complex connotations of identity, belonging, and diaspora

Curated by

Ivonne Ferrer

The Fine Arts Ceramic Center integrates into The New MoCAA museum. The exhibition "Ceramics: Omnipresence Matter" is organized, encompassing the complex connotations of identity, belonging, and diaspora. It concerns the artist's narratives, history, and social context. It's a total departure from how traditionally the ceramics collection has been presented. Ceramics have become a source of inspiration and expressiveness for a selection of artists presented as part of the FACC collection.

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