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Gustavo Acosta (b. in Havana, Cuba). He attended the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), and the School of Visual Arts San Alejandro, both in Havana, Cuba. He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida, United States. Acosta’s work can be found in many private collections around the world, and institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, in Miami, Florida; the Nassau County Museum of Art, in New York; and the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Havana, Cuba. Looking at Acosta’s trajectory, we can see how he has been portraying the different cities where he has lived, sometimes while living there and then again after having moved away. Acosta is an endogenous observer, he presents the cities as he sees them, and through the places he knew or passes by daily. There is always an emotional intensity behind Acosta’s artwork, partially reflected in the artist’s brushstroke and partially in the viewer’s interpretation according to his or her own experiences. Acosta’s pieces have the power of inciting all kinds of thoughts perhaps because of their voids. The negative space works out as a positive one, and what is implicit becomes the most important part of the piece.