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Noel Dobarganes (b. Matanzas, Cuba, 1977) Graduated from Escuela Profesional de Artes Plásticas “Roberto Diago”, Dobarganes focuses on time and memory as fundamental axes of reflection and likes the complexity of color, areas and lines. His spaces are loaded in a way that sometimes we get a certain “horror vacui”. The artist likes decoration, ornament. On the other hand, textures also have vital importance in his works: seductive textures, full of sensuality and life. Virtual or real textures, in all cases inciting us to touch the surfaces of the works. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, US. About Noel’s artwork the critic and curator Piter Ortega was referring once: “Noel Dobarganes is a versatile artist, who has moved between abstraction and figuration very fluently. Likewise, he has expressed himself in rural landscapes, animal representations, human faces, female nudes, among others. Some distinctive elements of his style are the dynamism and visible movements of the compositions, the marked chromatic contrasts, and a great complexity in the relation figure/background (almost always surpassing the first one above the second). The relationship between man and nature, the unpredictable effects of light, as well as the links between past, present and future, are approached by the artist through multiple layers of paintings that overlap each other. In the conjugation of all this is the essence of the visual poetry that distinguishes Noel Dobarganes”.