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vonne Ferrer (b. Cuba) Graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, and René Portocarrero National Silk Screen Print Shop, Havana, Cuba. Already graduated, works as restorer of sculpture and painting in the Museum of the City of Havana. Following an initial solo exhibition of her works in Havana, Atribuciones in Fidelio Ponce Gallery (1990), that led her to take her first steps as a professional, she leaves her country of birth and moves to Madrid, where her reputation as an artist is solidified and where she quickly attains a place of prominence following two new solo exhibitions, La temperatura de Dios (1993) and Fisiología decorativa (1994). She also participates in numerous other projects and collective exhibitions: La isla mágica in Copenhagen, together with two masters, the Cuban Julio Girona and the Spaniard Fernando Somosa, and Fresca y bajita de sal in Genoa, Italy, with Aldo Menéndez, closing the period with a solid production for Expo Universal Sevilla 92, Arts Pavillion. Ivonne moves to the United States in 1995, in 1997 Trinomio cubano that opened at Botello Gallery in Hato Rey. She has exhibited her work in numerous and outstanding locations: 2002 The Permanent Collection, Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), California. 2003 Arcale International Art Fair, Salamanca. 2005 The Illustrated Book. A Marriage of Science and Art, FIU, Miami. 2005 Exhibition in tribute to María Sambrano, Museo de América, Madrid. 2006 Supermix, Contemporay Art in Miami, Edge Zones Gallery. 2009 Itinerant expo for America and Europa I Have a Dream. 2010 Soupe d’ escargot, Alliance Francaise, Miami. 2012 (R) Evolution Comics, Solo Exhibition, Aluna Art Foundation, Miami. 2014 Women at the edge of an island, Museum of de Cuban Art, Miami. 2015 Artistic License Gallery 91, Wynwood, Miami. 2016 Closeup Webber Gallery at College of Central Florida, Ocala, among other.