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Gilberto Frómeta (b. Havana, Cuba, 1946) Cuban artist, draftsman, painter, engraver and designer. Having studied art in the United States in 1958-60, he graduated in 1967 from the National School of Art (ENA) in Havana, Cuba and in 1984 obtained a bachelor degree in visual arts, with specialization in graphics, from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in Havana Cuba. His working experience began as a graphic designer for the magazine Cuba Internacional. Later he was an advisor to the Directorate of Artistic Education of the Cuban Ministry of Culture and in 1978 was director of the National School of Design in Havana. He also worked as a teacher of drawing at the National School of Art. Since 1985 he has been an independent artist, extending his teaching activity to several Latin American countries, among them Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela. He’s Works can be found in private and public collections around the world such as: The National Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba. Modern Art Museum. Łodz, Poland. Wilanow Poster Museum. Poland. Szczecin National Museum. Poland. Janus Panonius Museum. Budapest, Hungary. Indian Art Museum. Moscow, Russia. Metropolitan Council. Bradford City, Great Britain. Modern Art Museum. Cuenca, Equator. Cuban Art Museum, Vienna, Austria and Kendall Art Center/The Rodriguez Collection, Miami,Fl, US.