García, Aliosky

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Aliosky García, born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, in 1979, pursued studies at the Oscar Fernández Morera Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Trinidad and then graduated in 2009 with a degree in Scenic Design and Engraving from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba. Aliosky is deeply knowledgeable in all engraving techniques, with his work reflecting an interest in the human condition and its conflicts. He perceives man not as a common subject but as a solitary, almost fetishized figure, existing solely for the sake of existence. His creative scope also includes curatorial work and lecturing on Engraving. He has served as the head of the Engraving Workshop Department at ISA. In the context of contemporary Cuban art, there has been a notable use of techniques, materials, and supports based on "new media" in the graphic production of younger artists. This trend is particularly evident among the most recent generations of graduates from professional art schools, such as the Higher Institute of Art and the Institute of Industrial Design. Their visual language has been shaped under the influence of mass media, the expansion of cybernetics, and computer networks.