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Tony Rodríguez (b. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, 1980. Graduated from Instituto Superior Pedagógico in Visual Arts and receive a Master of Science in Art Education from Oriente University. He is a Painter, illustrator, and Curator. He has been called, a Painter of reflections. He was a professor and member of prestigious juries in the context of the visual arts. He’s considered by many as one of the leading artists of Generation 00. In addition to exhibiting extensively in Cuba and the U.S. , he has also exhibited in Latin America, the Dominican Republic, and Eastern and Western Europe . He uses towers, buildings, machines and other objects, to represent the world, liberty, history and the human experience. His drawing and composition are aggressively executed. Since 2000, Rodriguez has won several awards. His works have been exhibited in the Havana Biennal in 2009 and many important galleries in Cuba and Europe. Rodriguez’ works are part of prestigious collections, such as, Luciano Benetton and the Hispanic Cultural Center in Miami. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, US. ​ Once again Piter Ortega friend and connoisseur of Tony’s art tell us: “In their pieces the temporal logic is diffuse, complex, it distances itself from the way in which we understand it in our everyday interaction contexts. The artist’s watches mark a different time than ours. They are capricious. Unstable. His time is fractal. To penetrate the poetics of the author implies traveling to the past and to the future with the same intensity, and sometimes both trips occur, curiously, in unison. This means going backwards or forwards hundreds, thousands of years. Titanic task, but seductive, fascinating”.