Vélez, Magdalena

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Magdalena Velez is an emerging artist who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and lives in Miami. She is a self-schooled artist, and her art aesthetic is exciting and colorful with bold expressionist intention. Influenced by her artistic environs growing up, and studies of art history, Magdalena was an artist as a young child and developed her intuition for art making, as her spiritual practice. Exploring the artist’s mind, Magdalena Velez is an Abstract Expressionist whose artistic vision for seeing in art means the integration of internal knowledge and our outside reality. Her artworks express the energies, changes and integrations that make for possibilities and impossibilities of her imagination. As an expressionist, Magdalena inspires to impart a sense of conscious personal empowerment of emotional-spiritual intuition via a transference of energies, as insight and possibilities within space. Coming from a line of spiritualists and her experiences, Magdalena Velez explores her artistic work to energetically transfer a sense of possibilities and believes that within the visual language that is art, there is the spirit of transformation and change for the viewer. The artist intends to compose meaningful artworks that can function as a catalyst, through other possibilities of self for the viewer.