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Subverting Materials

Textile and Fiber Art by Women Artists

Curated by Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig


Nov 2022 - Jan 2023

Textile art is considered one of the most ancient art forms in human history. Anthropologists estimate its origins to be approximately 120,000 years ago, and are described as artifacts made from fibers gained from animal skins, furs, leaves, and even insects. It is an art that can be simultaneously beautiful and practical, able to be expressed in many forms, from tapestries, to weaving and knitting.

This temporary exhibition features nine women artists who use and combine textile materials with domestic or artisanal techniques, in order to provide evocative and unique works of art. Historically a women’s craft, the presence of textile art has continued to flourish and push boundaries. Many renowned women artists brought textiles to prominence during the 20th century such as Faith Ringgold, Annie Albers, and Enid Marx.

Subverting Materials: Textile & Fiber Art by Women ArtistsA collaboration between Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) and World Textile Art (WTA) broadens the voices and perspectives of textile art practices worldwide.

Curated by Francine BirbragherThreading the City Celebrates Miami and the Burgeoning of the World of Textile Arts

A great range of textile art exhibitions and installations will thread across Miami during the months of October-November 2022. The city-wide events under the title “Threading the City” are a fusion of the Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA)  and the accumulated experience of the World Textile Art (WTA)

Fiber Artists Miami Association (FAMA) with 150 members, in their first edition of experimental, curated textile arts network exhibitions, workshops, studio visits, and events partners with The CAMP Gallery, North Miami, Mexican Consulate in Miami, HARTvest Projects, Pinecrest, Artnezs, El Portal, and The Kendall Art Cultural Center, Kendall, Miami-Dade. The programming 2022 will include workshops and city-wide bus tours to the various venues led by Partners for Art & Design and talks, lectures, and guided gallery tours led by Aluna Art Foundation.​

The exhibition will also include a guided tour with exhibition curator Francine Birbragher, and the featured artists, with an introduction by Adriana Herrera.  This event is supported by the Florida Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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