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2021 - 2022

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022


As part of the ART IN THE COMMUNITY programs, Kendall Art Center will present “Family Ties” Two histories where parents and children have given their energies completely to this vocation, different generations and ways of seeing and expressing, but the same passion and dedication. In a country of diversity, these two unique families raised their children under very different environments and had very different experiences and paths themselves that in the end, always leads to art.

Mar 2022 - May 2022


As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS program, Kendall Art Center will present “Women Artists in the Collection,” a selection of contemporary artworks by female artists of the community. This exhibition, curated and moderated by Yuneikys Villalonga, will highlight the tremendous diversity in the Miami Metro area and explore the vibrant artistic energy of women artists from many cultural backgrounds.

May 2022 - July 2022


Kendall Art Center in collaboration with Florida International University and Miami International University of Art & Design will present “Master of Fine Arts” with the aim to promote and launches graduate's student into the contemporary art community. An annual exhibition that allows the Kendall Art Center to celebrate the achievements of the graduating students in the MFA program in local universities. Curated by recent graduates of curatorial studies and museum practices.
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Our programs focus on works of artists in the community. Through art exhibitions, creative workshop, presentations, lectures, research, art making and guided  tours, we hope to encourage close look, foster conversation between students, community and artists.


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Art Exhibitions, Art Presentations, Art Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meet the Artist and Guided Tours


Art Exhibitions, Art Presentations, Art Lectures, Panel Discussions, Meet the Artist and Guided Tours


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Art Exhibitions, Creative Workshops and Book Presentation

What´s new

Don't miss Patricia Vega's captivating performance at MoCA-Americas

Within the Art & Music program

by Jorge Rodríguez Diez(R10)

February 28, 2023

During the opening of the exhibition 'A mí me manda Carmen', a showcase of Cuban artists paying tribute to the extraordinary creator Carmen Herrera, who passed away just over a year ago in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall will host the talented violinist Patricia Vega González-Piñera.

As part of our Art & Music program, the young artist will share her music with attendees at the exhibition opening. Patricia obtained a Bachelor's degree in Music from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana (ISA) last January, specializing in violin. By then, she had already gained considerable experience in concerts, special events, and studio recordings. With a formidable talent for chamber music and classical music, she already masters the technical aspects of violin performance and is accustomed to eliciting feelings of admiration and respect from audiences.

She was a violinist in a popular music quartet and a violin teacher at the National School of Art in Havana (ENA). Recently, she joined the orchestra of the Mozartian Lyceum of Havana as a violinist. She has provided background music for ballet performances, operas, musical theater, and cabarets. She has recorded music for musicians and artists such as Omara Portuondo, Pancho Amat, Ivette Cepeda, among others. She has participated in concerts in Switzerland, Canada, and France. She currently resides in the United States.

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Jorge Rodriguez Diez

Executive Director
Category: MoCA-Americas Kendall News

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